Can You Add Pine Needles to the Compost Bin?

Pine trees are evergreen conifers that add majesty and beauty to the landscape.  They are also an abundant source of organic material since they shed their needle-like leaves year-round, unlike deciduous trees, which lose their leaves only in the fall or early winter. Even though pine trees are a never-ending…

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Compost, Okra In My Garden

Composting 101: A Beginner’s Easy Guide

Gardeners and homesteaders alike have long known the benefits of adding compost to their gardens.  Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants, and the addition of compost enriches soil health.  Black gold, as the fully decomposed waste is often called, is teeming with macro and micronutrients and beneficial microbes…


8 Composting Methods: How to Choose the One That’s Best For You

Compost is the byproduct of organic matter that has undergone the decaying process.  It is a nutrient-dense material teeming with beneficial microorganisms.  When added to soil, not only does compost improve the nutritional and microbial profile, but it also improves soil structure, enabling better water retention and drainage, especially in…