Can You Add Pine Needles to the Compost Bin?

Pine trees are evergreen conifers that add majesty and beauty to the landscape.  They are also an abundant source of organic material since they shed their needle-like leaves year-round, unlike deciduous trees, which lose their leaves only in the fall or early winter. Even though pine trees are a never-ending…


Important Macro and Micronutrients in Garden Soil

Vegetable and flower plants need proper amounts of macro and micronutrients in order to flourish.  Macronutrients are nutrients that plants need in larger quantities, while micronutrients are needed in lesser amounts.  In this article you will learn what each of the macro and micronutrients are, why they are important, and…

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Soil samples, Mississippi State Univ. Extension

4 Ways to Test Garden Soil Type

If you want your garden to thrive, it is important to know the type of soil it contains. Soil type or texture, as it is also called, determines the soil’s ability to retain moisture, drain properly, and provide plants the nutrients they need.  The four main types of soil are…

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Dog vomit slime mold

What is Dog Vomit Slime Mold?

The first time I saw Fuligo septica, I thought an animal had vomited in my backyard.  I was not surprised, therefore, when I later discovered that the organism is also known as dog vomit slime mold, an appropriate name to be sure.  Others call it scrambled egg slime mold because…